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Subject: Thinking of Selling No52
If there is any interest, I am considering selling my CSK project. Progress has been so slow and I'm beginning to lose interest.
The body shell is fully stripped and has been 95% repaired, just the rails under the side windows left to repair. Everything has been done to a high standard.
The engine has been professionally rebuilt, there is a new Ashcroft recon gear box.
The chassis is rolling and has no rust, but will need overhauling - brakes axles swivels etc.
All interior and fittings present.
Presentation box and plaque present.
This has a Cat D listing from 2007 (when these were worth about £1500) when someone drove into the front of the car. The bumper was damaged and the front wings and bonnet have a couple of marks - that is is though, there is no other damage and the original panels are with the car still. I have contacted the previous owner about this to confirm.
I'm looking for about £13500, but if there is no interest I'll keep plugging away with the restoration.
Thursday, 15-Mar-2018, 08:46:44
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Subject: Re: Thinking of Selling No52
Hi, I Hana been on this site for a while. I have number 80, is this the car thatís on eBay at the moment?
Tuesday, 03-Apr-2018, 17:56:29