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Subject: Parts
Hi I am looking for a passenger door. Just the lower metalwork not the glass trim locks etc. Any colour but condition is important.
Any alloys would also be nice mine are a bit scabby.
I understand they are the same style as the LSE wheels but different colour, are there any out there.
Many Thanks
Tuesday, 01-Jan-2013, 17:02:41
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Subject: Re: Parts
Wheels come up nice with Silver Sparkle Sports 2 silver from

It has the large flakes of silver which gives the effect for that period of manufacture.

Lightly sand ( or heavier sanding to remove corroded parts )...palm sander.

Clean off with thinners.

Treat all the wheel with Hammerite Special Metals primer brushed on.

Spray on Tetrosyl Trade grey primer ( whitey-grey...more whitish than grey in fact ).

Silver will cover better over the whitey-grey primer.

Mask off tyre and black trim.

Wear paper breathing mask.

Spray on silver sports 2....order the big aerosols.
Follow instructions on can.

2 big aerosols for 5 wheels for 2 coats each should be ok.

Hycote polyurethane aerosol laquer ( after 30 mins drying of the silver as per instructions ).

Use Rustins satin black for hand painting black trim.

I didn't use laquer on the Rustins so need to do the black trim last but I did try the laquer on the an experimental rustins coated metal and it didn't seem to react.

With the silver sparkle 2....shake very well, "dust" on lighty the first coat .

Comes up nice ( nice for my amateur attempts anyway )...they do look good and a mirrorish effect in the sunshine.

I used the Hycote laquer as I had plenty on hand but it does seem to be for both cellulose and acrylic paints.

Best to do it in the summer.

Good luck.
Friday, 04-Jan-2013, 12:00:07
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Subject: Re: Parts

Many thanks for the detailed notes on refurbishing the wheels. Its just what I was looking for.
Thanks again
Monday, 07-Jan-2013, 11:58:15