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Subject: Possible sale - 153
Sadly I need to reduce my vehicles and the CSK just isnt being used sad smiley

Loads of info here [] 4.6 RPI engine, manual, lowered, etc etc

Starts with a jump and pulls like a train! No MOT at present.

Needs the A Pillars doing as a matter of urgency (drivers door has now dropped), needs bonnent and the paint is faded/ worn etc!

Currently on Disco ES wheels with bald tyres (guess where the originals with mint Prellis are!) but will swap back if sold.

PM offers, only being advertised here, no Ebay and not keen to sell!
Wednesday, 04-Jan-2012, 19:09:01
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Subject: Re: Possible sale - 153
hallo jeremy. just got my csk back,193,well whats left of it after a failed restoration-they went bust. keeping it,but would like another one. what kind of money are you after? Regards Carl
Monday, 09-Jan-2012, 20:30:22