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Subject: New camshaft

Just received my nr 050 from the workshop with new camshaft, tappets, chaingear, waterpump and some loose change of bits and parts.

She is now realy SLOW, unresponsive and sluggish. In the midrange speeds she has trouble accelerating when overtaking and at 3000 rpm everything seems to halt. Kickdown on the automatic gearbox requires my foot on the floor and the she shiftsback 2 gears after some persuading. This is not the responsive car I was used to.

A few questions:
- was the CSK by any chance fitted with specical specs camshaft? I didn't find any evidence, but I could very much be mistaken.
- does the ECU need to be re-chipped?

This is frustrating. Please help me out with some sound advice.

Cheers, Robert

Robert Heezen CSK050
Saturday, 16-Jan-2010, 23:15:06
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Subject: Re: New camshaft
Hi,At a guess going on what you have said I would say the valve timing is not set correctly,even if the camshaft was wrong which I dont think it is it should not perform as badly as that.Cannot imagine anyone making a camshaft to have the engine to run with such low power rating if fitted correctly.
Yours No 43
Wednesday, 14-Apr-2010, 22:34:27