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Subject: A slight ticking noise turns into a full overhaul
Hi gents,

My nr 050 developed a slight tiking noise....and it turns into a serious overhaul. Great, just after X-mas...

Last monday I brought my CSK into the workshop for some regular maintainance and my MOT. She wasn't ready at the end of the day and my mechanic told me it might take a little longer. Very ominous...and I was right: a small oilleak triggered a full inspection and turned up a seriously worn camshaft, worn tappets, timing chain, leaky waterpump, serious sludge thanks to a blocked ventilation, cracked crankshaft chainwheel (lucky we discovered that one on time....), malfunctioning short, this will definitely tick up to a major four-figure bill sad smiley . But, on the bright side: hope this bought me some serious extra milage with all those new bits.
Refitting the bedouin-tent-headlining will have to wait.

Any suggestions on running in this new gear? Do I need to limit my revs for x-miles and change the oil after some 500 miles?


Robert Heezen CSK050
Friday, 08-Jan-2010, 20:05:21