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Subject: Heater rersistor
Anyone managed to change one with out stripping half the dash out? I've got fed up of not haveing a working heater! winking smiley

Ignore naff spelling in the subject!!! winking smiley

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Wednesday, 07-Jan-2009, 21:05:10
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Subject: Re: Heater rersistor
A posting from a friend on the RRR forum:

I have changed this part on my rangie upgrading it to the redesigned aftermarket version with aluminium heat sink and ceramic resistors.
I read through the official method and thought that's to much like hard work, so I removed the plastic vent on the near side of the decker panel to gain access to the resistor pack. This is not the easiest way of doing it and you will need plenty of small flexible tools / sockets to get at two bolts in particular.

It is very fiddly, but not impossible and once you have the new resistor pack in place, if you are installing the upgraded one, then it is a case of fit and forget.

Good luck.
Friday, 09-Jan-2009, 10:13:21
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Subject: Re: Heater rersistor
Thanks, I have a plan now! Dash out...
Friday, 30-Jan-2009, 20:26:12
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Subject: Re: Heater rersistor
Good plan Jeremy,

I have size 9.5 hands and fidgetting about with invisible, small bolts and nuts through a vent-opening will definitely work wonders on a foul mood....

I'm following your efforts with great interest; I'm now mentaly preparing for a body-off restauration of CSK 050. Owning the car now for about a 6 weeks sees to an ever increasing list of small (and some major) tasks to be undertaken...even though she is a dream to drive an tons of fun.

Good luck and enjoy a nice weekend.

Robert Heezen CSK050

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Saturday, 31-Jan-2009, 11:46:07