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Subject: Auxillary circuit problem.
I have power at the auxillary terminal at the ignition switch assembly when auxillary turned on ..but:

No power to wipers, wiper pump,headlamp pump,radio or windows or front wiper stalk.
No power at B1 fuse.
Power at all other fuses including window lift fuse when engine running.
Continuous power at headlamp timer junction box and power there also at terminal when headlamps on.
No power to washer pumps ( L/Green Black wire ).

I have put in a new ( hopefully ) timer Hella timer ADU 1784 L.

Looking at Haynes page 386 wiring diagram for 1990 models....not sure how that circuit work / electricity flows.

Any thoughts ?...thanks.

Friday, 09-Oct-2015, 16:19:10
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Subject: Re: Auxillary circuit problem.
I assume the Haynes book diagram is correct and the wiper system is on the white / orange auxillary wire.
Is it possible its really on the white wire circuit ?.

Apart from wipers, pumps, windows, radio etc on that wiper circuit all else operates.

Very annoying.
Sunday, 11-Oct-2015, 11:15:16
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Subject: Re: Auxillary circuit problem.
Problem solved...break in white with orange tracer cable.

Auxilary ( spelled it right this time ) cable runs from ignition switch through a black connector then runs to fuse B1 but just before that ( passenger footwell ) has two spurs reversing back.
I gather these two spurs are the radio and window lift pick-up point.

So many diagrams in the Haynes but I found following pages in Haynes pertained to CSK:

Page 386 Fig 13.211( note the YLG cable where the Y is obliterated almost re: front wiper system ).

Page 362 Fig 13.198 main wiring diagram for models with optional equipment

Page 353 Fig 13.183, 13.187 relays.
Page 351 Fig 13.175, Fig 15.75A, 15.75B relays.

Facia now going back together....what a learning experience... and what a pain.
Wednesday, 14-Oct-2015, 10:44:55
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Subject: Re: Auxillary circuit problem.
Useful info, thanks for posting.

Wednesday, 14-Oct-2015, 21:47:26