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Subject: Part identification.
Hi Guys,
I am about to refit the rear side windows into the body and as I did not remove them I am unsure of a couple of strips.
On pic 542 of the parts book,there are 2 strips ID as No 8 part number MRC 8167,i do not have them and do not know what they look like,I guess they hold the plastic trim in place on the "D" post and "C" post around the window as it does not look right in these areas when I put the window in place.On the 4 door model the "D" post trim tucks under the window rubber.
Do I just need some thin "U" section rubber?
A description or better still some pics of this part would be great.Also the pegs on the top of the window frame,do they just enter into the slots in the metalwork,or is there some bushing in there?
Regards Gary.
Wednesday, 29-Jan-2014, 23:22:17