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Subject: Work on no 80 about to start
I am about to start the work on getting no 80 back on the road. Been off the road for the last 7 years. I don't intend to do a complete restoration but to try and recover the car to a good state without a strip down. The chassis is in great condition but the body needs a bit, well a lot of work, which is the first job to, all the usual places as I understand it. Rear floor front floor, sills rear seat belt mounts, inner front wings, bottom of a pillar. I think most of it recoverable without too much panel replacement.
I will post some pics over the next week or two.

Tuesday, 15-Apr-2014, 22:29:55
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Subject: Re: Work on no 80 about to start
good luck buzzer keep us informed
Thursday, 17-Apr-2014, 18:49:39