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Subject: The 200 list update
Hi all,
Following on from my last post,The Remaining CSKs,I got inspired to try to find out just how many still survive. My list now stands at 116.
This has come about by trawling thro sites with CSKs for sale or recently sold.Those I can say are definite survivors,but after I have searched through almost every post on this site I have found a lot more,some of the posts are quite old but show vehicles not on the list as being in existence at that time.3 of those would appear to have been scrapped/dismantled.At this stage I do not want to reveal their numbers as it might encourage someone to re invent them so to speak.
I am now appealing for any information you may have for vehicles that are not on the list at this time this may increase my numbers or fill in the gaps of the vehicles history I have discovered.This also gives owners the chance to have their vehicles recognised/listed now.
You can post your information directly here or if you prefer some privacy you can PM me through the site.
Many thanks and here is hoping for some exiting finds.
Regards Gary (No43)
Monday, 17-Feb-2014, 00:58:37