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Subject: Spotted but who?
Saw a very nice CSK with a towbar mounted rack on the A47 near Thorney today (7th sept) must have been coming back from the LRO show. Wondering what number and who owns it?
Didn't get anymore details as I was heading the other way!

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old enough to know better-young enough not to care
Saturday, 07-Sep-2013, 20:06:53
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Subject: Re: Spotted but who?
Hi Gareth
It was probably me returning from the LRO show.
I live just outside Sheringham and I have had the CSK for about 15months. I have done nothing to it since I bought it in South Wales.
Unfortunatly it came with no number, boxed documents or other paperwork.
I have written to past owners with no luck.
I was hoping to find someone on the forum who could e mail me copies of these (see past postings) but so far no luck either.
If you live fairly local!! perhaps we could arrange to meet.


Thursday, 12-Sep-2013, 12:48:18