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Subject: Dash Plaque and Certificate
I'm hoping that there is somebody in the forum who can help me. My CSK has no identity, ie no dash plaque or boxed pack that came with the car when new.
Does anybody have a scanned copy of the certificate and the dash plaque they could send me.
I have a reasonable service file and details of the past four owners, but no replies from letters sent to them asking for any info on the car.
I also have a brochure pack for the CSK, but not the CSK specific owners manual. Is this just the same as any RR manual, but with black covers with CSK on it.
If anyone has a spare one, I would be interested in purchasing it.
The above documentation would complete the history file on my car.
Any help would be appreciated.
Friday, 26-Jul-2013, 09:16:44
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Subject: Re: Dash Plaque and Certificate
Have you contacted Land Rover to get conformation yours is a CSK. A letter from them would be the best thing for your history file.
You might find a CSK handbook one day but expect to pay a couple of hundred for it.

Sunday, 28-Jul-2013, 00:25:23
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Subject: Re: Dash Plaque and Certificate
Hi James
Thanks for the reply, I was going to get a Heritage Certificate any way.
The Chassis number indicates it is a CSK, I thought a copy of the Certificate and plaque would be nice.
Many Thanks
Sunday, 28-Jul-2013, 20:10:28