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Subject: Hi from Norfolk
Hi I have recently bought a CSK in roadworthy condition Its reg No is H 901 KAR but it came with no dash plaque or certificate etc, so I have no idea of its number.
I am the 5th owner it started of in Essex and owners 2&3 lived in the Midlands and I bought it in S. Wales.
The DVLA have supplied me with the addresses of the previous owners, who I am going to write to to see if I can obtain any history.
If anybody knows of this vehicle please get in touch.
I'll included a couple of pictures for interest, once I've sorted out how to do it.
Friday, 21-Sep-2012, 15:53:14
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Subject: Re: Hi from Norfolk
Congrats on your purchase, good luck on finding its history.
Friday, 21-Sep-2012, 22:58:13
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Subject: Re: Hi from Norfolk
I'd guess you've already seen this...


Also we'd love to see some photos smiling smiley
Monday, 24-Sep-2012, 22:07:10