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Subject: opinions on modifications
Are we even allowed to talk of such heresy?

How about a colour change to a flat gray to emphasise the 'floating' roof, lost with the CSK black.

Or even an engine change to say a TDV6?

A far more practical choice and means the car will more likely be used rather than garaged.

All reversible of course. But do you think it would have much impact on value long term?
Saturday, 31-Mar-2012, 11:16:58
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Subject: Re: opinions on modifications
I've modified mine during the restoration process, some stuff easy to see some stuff not so easy.

I really did deliberate fitting a non-rover V8 engine recently, it would certainly have been cheaper than my current plans but I think it would have taken something away from the overall package so I chose not to.

All modifications carried out by myself are 100% reversible and, other than the wheels and exhaust, I would imagine hard to spot to the untrained eye.

At the end of the day it's your car, I always find modified cars of great interest and I don't think I've ever owned anything standard, if it started as standard it certainly wasn't for long!
Sunday, 01-Apr-2012, 21:27:03