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Subject: Spam posts
Hallo all

We seem to have had a marked rise in the number of "spam" postings of late, and I'm considering moderating all new forum membership requests. If I do so then an obvious first question will be "What's your CSK number?". But there are people on here who don't own a CSK who will find this difficult to answer!

Do people have a view on this? Is it better to put up with the nonsense posts and allow everyone free access to the site, or should we secure it in better ways?

Please also note that if you use the "report this message" link then this does get to me and I do jump in and do something asap. Many thanks to those of you that do this already - it's how I get to clean things up!

John - CSK072
WebMaster -
Thursday, 21-Jul-2011, 21:53:28
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Subject: Re: Spam posts
Hi John,

With my Defender 50th forum i had to put a security question to new members, its "what year did land rover celebrate the 50th anniversary" and also one of those confirmation codes to copy.

I had thousands of spam members, it started small and rocketed. With those two things its stopped the spam but still allows anyone to join who is interested.

This is a great site John so whatever you want to do will be good.

Friday, 22-Jul-2011, 20:11:30