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Subject: Hello everybody
Hi all!

I'm Miles from Manchester. I don't own a CSK but I'm thinking of getting one (if I can) in the future so I've decided to join the forum to see what other owners think of their own CSKs.

Best Regards

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Monday, 18-Jul-2011, 10:18:13
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Subject: Re: Hello everybody
Hello smiling smiley

I'm currently rebuilding my CSK, haven't had a chance to drive it other than when I picked it up.

If you want one then I'd say go for it, if you can find a decent one or be prepared for a lot of welding if you can't!
Monday, 18-Jul-2011, 11:46:31
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Subject: Re: Hello everybody
Hi Miles, if can get one, you'll not regret smiling smiley

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Wednesday, 24-Aug-2011, 21:32:38
Mr G in NYC
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Subject: Re: Hello everybody
If you can find a half decent one , go for it.......I had 3..
One left J1 CSK 65 K miles, love it , best RR I ever had.
You need deep pockets cash wise , cos just to get it
straight will cost more than the purchase price.............

I reckon out of the 200 built , only about 60 decent ones left,
so factor in it a rarity factor.......

Mine turns heads whenever I drive it in London.....

Good luck on your search

Thursday, 25-Aug-2011, 02:35:04
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Subject: Re: Hello everybody
Just seen you driving into Tesco's this morning - turned my head and bought a smile to my face too!

Looks fantastic eye popping smiley
Wednesday, 09-Nov-2011, 08:07:05